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With 400,000 children in special Olympic schools, China has the biggest mass recruitment and training programme in the world. Will it translate to medals in Rio 2016? Click here to subscribe to The Economist on YouTube: econ.
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Dim, 3 years ago
Incase any of you were wondering, Gao Lei competed in Rio and won a bronze medal. :) I'm actually so proud right now.


V C, 4 days ago
Simple rule: Those who work hard will win gold.


Silvia López, 1 week ago
Western countries have talked about China's for years and years all while their own gymnasts were abused and they covered it. Kids from Chinese rural areas are getting an education and a chance at success that they wouldn't otherwise. Are they tough? Yes. All elite gymnast trainers are. The childhood happiness comment is interesting, but you'd have to ask the same to any elite athlete and see what they say.


Leianne Gingco, 1 year ago
Yeah you might feel that this is “child abuse” but let’s be honest, majority of us were put into a sport as a child or wanted to be in one. However, we didn’t get the support or the discipline we needed to keep going which is why we gave up when it “became too hard.” I think if we had these kinds of facilities outside of China, then children will not only be given the opportunity that many may not have but also be able to build even closer and stronger relationships with their coaches, themselves, and with their teammates.


FUFU, 2 days ago
I watch this after a 14 year old kid got perfect scores in Olympics Diving. Winning gold.


Saurabh Kumar, 1 week ago
When your country can't win a medal, and see others winning due to their handwork and commitment, You try to malign their image and try to prove yourself great.


Lily Li, 1 week ago
the translation is so off... the coach said they've been training for so long so they want a chance to perform and show their skills....he never said winning medals are athletes main goals


G G, 4 years ago
If she becomes a champion her mom will buy her a tablet? I feel kinda spoiled


O L O, 5 days ago
I cried when I failed to win my mum in chess games, I asked her to play again and again... till I could win. I simply loved chess. I could become a chess machine, my own choice. It's PASSION not forced production. Strong wills could lead to miracles.


Naveen Ahuja, 2 days ago
One thing i admire abt Chinese people is thier Faith and Believe in Teachers/Coaches


T M, 1 week ago
There's always a charged tone of when Western media writes about Asian countries, there's western equivalents of stuff like this yet it's rarely reported and if it was it'd be labelled as "helping ambitious children discover their talents" rather than a "factory." You should shed light on the olympic and college sports push in the US, and their strict and demanding parents.


Kara, 4 months ago
in a world of so much hate, seeing that guy talk so positively abt the USA and how he wish he was like them was kinda surprising.


Joel Monge, 5 years ago
they're so humble though. he said "It'd be an honor to be as good as them" when he spoke of black american athletes. I see no problem in it.


U HU, 1 week ago
How "secretive"? Didn't you get to film everything and interview everyone for the documentary?!


srinivas chilukuri, 3 days ago
"secretive" training camp. Where you can shoot video of all trainees, and interview them, and put it on you tube.


wilde lee, 1 year ago
I'm American living in China b/c of my job. I use to figure skate when I was younger and did it for 7 years. I decided to go back skating a few weeks ago and joined a rink here in China. I have got to say I am impressed by the coaching here. I have watched and compared the coaching to when I was learning in America and it is different. The parents and grandparent are always disciplining the young skaters, most are home schooled if they are serious about competing, and one thing I admire is most skaters wear something with CHINA on it. When I was skating I never once had that mentality of one day skating for my country. For them, it is a sense of pride to be Chinese and bring a medal & honor home.


Cody Shi, 1 year ago (edited)
I hope that girl gets her Tablet. She reminded me when I was her age, when my mom promised me that I will get an iPhone if I get a better grade.


Abhinandan Hazra, 1 week ago
Nowadays Tokyo Olympic is running......and china is at the top of the medals tally


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