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Could lobbyists in Washington be working deliberately to provoke a new arms race for the sake of profits? Daniel McAdams of the Ron Paul Institute joins Rick Sanchez to discuss the flood of missiles, aircraft and warships with which Washington is eagerly arming its Pacific allies.
华盛顿的说客会为了利润而故意挑起新的军备竞赛吗?罗恩·保罗研究所(Ron Paul Institute)的丹尼尔·麦克亚当斯(Daniel McAdams)与里克·桑切斯(Rick Sanchez)一道讨论了大量的导弹、飞机和军舰,华盛顿正急切地用这些武器武装其太平洋盟友。

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Free Style, 2 days ago (edited)
No there is nothing to criticise about China when you guys are way worse, let's be clear here. Do you know what freaking internal affairs mean. It mean freaking clean up in front of your door before bad mouthing.


Trevor Chang, 2 days ago
So the Sec. of Defence is a former employee of Raytheon. This statement in itself sums up much of US Politics


Aaron Baldwin, 2 days ago
Not only China but Russia too. US is a war mongering military government of the world.


Tony M, 2 days ago
The US is succeeding in selling more arms to its vassals. That's one use of their forced prison labour I suppose. However, the already bloated parasite known as their Military Industrial Complex will kill its host this time.


Edward Long, 2 days ago
How much more trillions does the munition corp. need out of the pentagon? There's over 20 trillion missing out of there now! Amazing!


hedge hog, 2 days ago
The US will do whatever it takes to make sure world peace never happens.


Tan Chii Ann, 2 days ago
US demanded to meet with China in order to pursue China to buy US debt in conjunction of US provocation in the region as well as kept emphasize US superiority in the region before Sherman arrived. This is widely reported and known here but why US government doesn't tell the medias and the world straight?


Jo Cheah, 2 days ago
ASEAN is not fool by America tyranny, we welcome your investments to create jobs but not your political ideology especially when 50pct of American citizens are broke and things will get worse once the world dump the USD for digital currency by pass the swift system.


Just My Opinion, 2 days ago (edited)
Why is Biden picking a fight with China? Don't we have enough problems?


Max DC, 2 days ago
The last country to submit to US bullying and hegemony in Asia would be China, even that would be fantasy.


Simon Carter-Flynn, 2 days ago
America is back!!! Americas back, is up against the wall. Trillions in debt, on the verge of collapse.


JOHN DOE, 2 days ago
When you go looking for trouble, you will find it.


Michael Edward Hunter, 2 days ago
If one has any doubts that, despite their seemingly good intentions, politicians have not put the safety and well-being of their people at the top of their agenda, then one should ask oneself the question: Why is it that, after more than seventy years, the planet is still bristling with nuclear weapons?


Louis Bragodin, 2 days ago
"The Arms Sales Will Continue At The Wartime Rates." - Heinz Kissinger


Phil 488 Pista, 2 days ago (edited)
The US causing chaos to enrich itself. Also, I encourage everyone to look up how many cargo ships go through that area daily! If a war breaks out in that area! We are all screwed!.


Domingo De Anda, 2 days ago
The U.S. is digging it's grave, and will soon be isolated from the rest of the world


Tina Smith, 2 days ago
This war will be different. We'll use the draft but it's going based wealth. The richest get drafted first. This idea has overwhelming support. How nice for Raytheon Board Member's children. Thank you for your sacrifice.


Manuel Vazquez, 2 days ago
Rick you want to know why? Democracy is the art of hiding the truth with a lie.


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